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Why Should You Go Electric?

Of Course, Starting with the Cost!
Charge the battery in your apartment or hotel! 

    • Zero Emissions

    • Reduces noise pollution

    • Perfect for city riding

    • Fun Travels

    • Easy to park

How to charge the battery?

  1. – Remove the power cord
  2. – Remove the battery
  3. – Insert the chargers AC power into the home power socket
  4. – Its ready!

You can also plug a charger directly into the scooter.


If I want to go further away, how do I do it?

Our scooters come with an adapter for charging at public stations and a charging card that you can use if you need to charge your scooter. No worries about how you pay, with the charging card you pay at the end when you come to return the scooter.

Where are these public access points?

On the street, shopping centers, some gas stations or supermarkets.

And can I use any station?

Normal stations up to 22W.
Always choose stations that do not have a hose.
The scooter plug is type 2 (Mennekes).

So how long does it take me to charge the scooter?

At public stations, charge only for the time needed to complete your journey. For example, if you go to Benagil caves, charge the scooter on the way back. For example, you can stop in Armação de Pera near the beaches, while charging the scooter for 1H30 you can enjoy the beach, have lunch or drink a coffee.

Apps to find Stations:

  • Mobi.e
  • Miio
  • A better route planner (ABRP)
  • Plugshare
  • Chargemap
Frequently asked questions from our customers
Do I need a driving license?

Yes. For the 125cc, you need to meet the following criteria:

  • Have an A1 class licence;
  • Have a B class licence for more that 5 years;
  • Have a B class licence and be more than 25.
Can I use hightways?

No. We have the A2 and the A22 nearby and you are not allowed to use them.

If you enter one by mistake, we will apply a fee.

But our main roads are fine you don´t need to worry about it.

Can I take a passenger with me?


What does the rental include?

The rental includes: 1 Helmet, 1 charger,1 adapter for charging+ card, 3rd party insurance.

What happens if I have a problem with the scooter?

Our scooters have our phone numbers on them.

You can call us and we’ll give you all the support you need.


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