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Our vast experience in the car rental business has made us want to take the leap towards the realization of a dream.
The dream of creating a project that would meet the needs of our tourists.
Vilamoura receives a very high number of tourists every year, especially during the summer time! So why not create mobility solutions for our tourists?!
Better yet... why not create a more sustainable and economically attractive solution?!

Mission, Vision & Values

The company's mission is, through our sustainable service, offering to incite social and cultural change as a way of developing new patterns of mobility.DRIVE 4 EVER invites you to discover a new way of driving, which is more ecological, more economical, more sustainable, and more technologically advanced.Experience our vehicles while saving on fuel consumption and exploring new horizons while reducing the emission of pollutants.

We aim to value what is authentic and raises awareness for the need to reduce the environmental impacts of urban mobility.Creating awareness is not enough; we must act now and find ways to make changes in the way we live.Taking care of our planet is taking care of our own home.DRIVE 4 EVER has already started on that mission!What about you?

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